Best Practices When Choosing Your URL

Best Practices When Choosing Your URL

A web page URL is incredibly important when thinking about search engine optimization and how people perceive the address of a web identity. URL is basically the only way in which you can actually judge the page before you will visit it. Keywords included can make it look interesting while an address that is filled with seemingly irrelevant numbers and unreadable words will rarely be clicked.

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Using The “Keep It Simple Stupid” (KISS) Method

KISS is an ideology that always worked for search engine optimization. This is because of the fact that it will make you stay focused on what is important. You do not have to worry about details that are not necessary and various technicalities that always complicate what you are doing.

A URL that is good will have meaning but a URL that is great will be obvious. For instance, let us think about an online store that is currently selling clothes. In this case you will want to create various main categories and then have a good URL tree set up. You can thus have or as your web identities for specific categories. That is a great arrangement. If you’ll choose something like, it is a guarantee that you won’t get a lot of clicks. Worse, you’ll get clicks from people that are not really interested in what you have to offer.

Use Static URLs

Never believe that a dynamic URL is automatically better. The problem is that a search engine can have problems in the interpretation of any address that is dynamically generated. It can happen that one page receives an address and it keeps changing after some time. This basically means losing Google juice as PageRank will drop when redirecting towards a new address from a new one.

It is a very good idea to utilize static URLs when it is possible because all human visitors can remember that. The search robot will interpret it easily. When using dynamic URLs, make sure that you use minimum dynamic parameters.

Using Hyphens

Hyphens have to be used when separating words in a URL address. Never use underscore or plus signs. All other characters have to be removed, as much as possible. You will never gain anything by adding something weird and hyphens are accepted by everyone as being the best possible choice that you have available. There is no reason why you should use something else, unless utilizing a dynamic URL structure, which we already talked about.

Take Out Dates, Numbers And Extra Jargon

It is commonly believed that you gain authority when you add the date in a URL. That is not actually true and it will not help your site. Whenever adding dates and numbers, the value of keywords included in URLs is dropping. As an example, is not as strong as or even When a search engine will evaluate these 2 URLs, the extra numbers, 2012, 08, and 15987 will diminish the page’s value. The loss of PR value is not high but it can add up if the changes are constantly happening after some time.



Best Practices When Choosing Your URL for Website or Blog

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