Buy Discount URL Addresses For Only $5 From With Coupon Code

I just did some URL address shopping. Why? Well, I just heard about the best deal on the internet right now for new cheap URL website names, and wanted to share the information. The company that’s selling the URLs is losing cash on every one their customers buy.

The cheap URL website name deal is from – the second oldest URL selling company in existance. This isn’t some start-up URL address regisitrar that you can’t trust and aren’t sure will be around a month from now.

Up until recently I have mainly used GoDaddy when buying URLs. I have over 200 URLs that I registerd at GoDaddy. GoDaddy used to be the cheapest place to buy a URL. Not any more. is, well if you use this coupon code to get domains for $5 per year – Reg5ab.

GoDaddy’s price for a .com domain on their website is $11.99, but it’s easy to find coupon codes to get the price down to $7.49. However, that’s still more than the $5/year is charging. I know $2.49 isn’t very much, but any savings counts when you’re running a small business or just starting a website.

So if you want to buy the chepest URL address, use coupon code – Reg5ab – now and save some money.  Register also has budget web hosting as well.

ICANN charges around ~$7.70 per .com URL, so they’re actually losing ~$2.70 on every URL they sell. So why would do this? Well, they want you to check out their other products like web hosting (which is actually good), SSL certificates, website building tools, etc. So it’s kind of like a grocery stores’ loss leader to get you in the store. Same concept.

Now go save some money with’s $5 cheap URL name discount deal. $5 domain Bnr_468x60 (no field)

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