Godaddy URL Website Address Coupon Codes

Godaddy URL Website Address Coupon Codes

If you like registering your domain name on GoDaddy, you will find GoDaddy URL website address coupon codes quite exciting. Registering domain names on GoDaddy is already cheap. And with their Friday night shopping coupon codes, you can get further discounts on your domain names just by using coupon codes during your purchases.

The Friday night shopping coupon codes had been halted but because of popular demand, they are back. You can start using them to register your domains every time you buy domains every Friday night.

Your Dream Needs a Domain! Get a $5.99 .COM from GoDaddy!

GoDaddy Coupon Codes – Registration

Here are some of the coupon codes that you will find useful on GoDaddy. They are not only for domain names but also for hosting and SSL Certificates as well.

Use this coupon code when purchasing one .com domain name and you will only need to pay 99 cents for your domain.

  • gofac139 – $0.99 up to 3 Domains

You will only have to pay 99 cents per domain name, maximum of three domains, when you use this code when shopping at GoDaddy on a Friday night.

  • iap599v – $5.99 up to .com 5 Domains

When you use this coupon code, you will only pay $5.99 per year per .com domain name. This is applicable for up to five domains.

  • geek249 – $2.49 .com Domain Name

This coupon code will let you register a domain name by paying only $2.49.

  • july295 – $2.95 .com Domain Name

You can register a domain name for just $2.95 when you use this coupon code during your purchase on Fridays.

  • iap4c – $4.00 .com Domain Name

If you want to buy more domains, you can use this coupon code to buy another domain for just $4.00.

  • chill749 – $7.99 .com Domain Name

You can get a domain name for only $7.99 on a Friday night at GoDaddy when you use this code.

GoDaddy Coupon Codes – Renewal

Aside from coupon codes for domain name registration, you can also avail of discounts on your domain name renewals during Friday nights at GoDaddy.

  • GDBBE994 – 20% Off on .net and .org Renewals

When you renew your .net and .org domain names, you can get a 20% discount when you use this coupon code. Just make sure that you use this on a Friday night.

When you renew your .com domain, you can use this coupon code so that you only have to pay $8.49 per year.

GoDaddy Hosting

You can also avail of discounts when you sign up for a web hosting account on GoDaddy every Friday night. Just use the ‘iap50ha’ coupon code on your purchase and get 50% off on your hosting plan.

When purchasing and renewing your domains at GoDaddy, make sure that the codes will work for you before paying for your domains. Some coupon codes do not work on certain countries so it is best if you check if the coupons will work on your location to make sure that you can avail of the discounts during Friday nights.

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