How To Buy a .EDU URL Web Address

The .edu URL web addresses are run by the United States Department of Commerce. They are intended for accredited post secondary educational institutions in the U.S. only. Not every one can get a .edu URL name. The Department of Commerce has requirements for registering and using a .edu URL address.

Educause has been contracted by the US government to manage the operations of .edu URLs. Educase is a non-profit higher education association.

Not everyone can buy a .EDU web address.

The eligibility requirements to buy a .edu include the following: postsecondary institutions that are accredited by a regional or national accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education may obtain a .edu URL address. The institution has to be in the United States. Highschools are no longer allowed to buy .edu URL names.

Lookup available URL addresses on the Educause web site. The selected name must “reasonably represent the name of the Registrant” and should not be generic in nature.

Once you’ve found an available URL, you need to claim it by filling out Educause’s online request form. Provide institution name, as well as the accreditation agency, in order to prove eligibility. You will also be asked to provide administrative, technical and billing contact information and the location of your name servers.

Pay the $40 per year domain name registration fee once you’ve been approved to purchase URL.

How To Buy a .EDU URL Web Address

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