How To Check URL Availability

You want to check the availability of a URL you have your eye on huh?  Good luck!

I say good luck, because a lot of URLs are already taken.  But hopefully that’s not the case, and the URL you want is available.

How To Check URL Availability:

  1. Click here to go to, who will give you a special $9.99/year URL + email price via that link.
  2. Click the “Get it Now” button.
  3. Click the small blue “choose a domain for this product” link on the left hand side.
  4. Enter the URL you want, and click “find it”
  5. If your the URL you were checking is available, buy it!  If your URL isn’t, try another one.  Or, click here for advanced URL search to help you check URL availability on other URLs that will do the trick for your purposes.

How To Check URL Availability

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