How To Find URL Address

Finding a URL address that someone hasn’t already purchased can be tough!  But I’m going to show you a cool little application that will help you find a url address that you can buy in a few minutes.

How To Find URL Address:

  1. Go to the advanced URL address finder application
  2. Answer each of the questions.  Don’t worry, the site is asking you the questions to find a URL address to match you need, not to get your information to spam you.
  3. If you’re a business, be sure to fill in your company name as well as the short description of your products.  Think what one or two words your customers would use to describe your business.  Location is important as geography based domains help you show up in the search engines.  How would people type in your city or town in a search engine – use this in the location fields.
  4. Click find my names
  5. Scroll through the available URL addresses until you find a URL address that you like!  Note, a .com URL address is preferable.

Did you know that if you buy a web hosting package for your website, the URL name is free?  Check the great price on this hosting package.

How To Find URL Address

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