How To Get Traffic With Expired URLs

It’s tough to get traffic to your website, especially when your website is new.  Here’s a trick to help –

Buy an expired URL with Google PageRank, and lots of incoming links.  Once you have the URL, permanently redirect the new URL to your existing website.  That way, when anyone clicks on a link for the expired URL you just purchased, the visitor will be taken to your website instead.

What is an expired URL?  This is a URL address that was not renewed by the original owner.  The URL may not have been renewed for a variety of reasons such as:  there was no longer interest in keeping up the website, the owner ran out of money, or even the owner himself passed away. You can buy these expired URL’s for anywhere from $10, to a considerably larger amount if the URL attracts interest at auction.

How do you find expired URL’s?  Check out this site – – which lists URLs that were recently not renewed by their owners.

How do you know if an expired URL address is worth buying for your own use? First, check to see the Google page rank domain names that expired.   The drop day site has a column for Page Rank.  Please be sure to double check the pagerank is legit by doing a search in Google for “”.  If Google shows the same URL in the results, then the PR shown at Drop Day is legit.

The higher PR the better.  But, the higher the PR, the higher price the URL will sell for.  I’d suggest buying a URL with at least a PR 3.  PR3 and above typically have a lot of backlinks, which will help drive traffic to your site after the expired URL is redirected. You should also find a URL address with similar keywords or theme as your site.  The incoming links and traffic needs to be relevant to your site or people will just immediately leave or bounce.

You should also check make sure Google hasn’t banned the URL you’d like to buy.  Some webmasters pull blackhat traffic building tricks, and will let their URL expire if they get caught and banned by Google.  You don’t want to buy a URL that’s been banned.

To see how many websites link to the expired URL you’re interested in, use this Google search command.  Type the command “link:” (without quotation marks) followed by the URL of the expired domain name (no spaces between the colon and URL).  The more links that come back the better.  You can also get a feel for the quality level or how much they relate to your site by reviewing the search results.

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