How To Get URL. How To Get A URL

So you want to get your own URL, right?

Nice. Good call. Your blog and/or website deserves it. This How To Get A URL article will help you do just that.

Hosting your blog or website on your own URL is not only smart, it’s also easier to do than you think.

How To Get URL:

  1. Go To BlueHost, an awesome web hosting company.
  2. Buy BlueHost web hosting, which comes with a FREE URL
  3. Choose your FREE URL during the sign-up process.
  4. Use BlueHost’s 1-click WordPress set-up to set-up your blog or website.  Easy.

Now You know How To Get A URL, Why Do IT?

Hosting your blog for free on Blogger or WordPress saves some money. And we all could go for saving more money in this economy. But it’s not a smart choice. Here’s why:

– Your URL is long, ugly, and isn’t likely to be remembered by people you want to visit your site. Why have, for example, as your URL when you could get as your URL? Your customers/friends will remember that URL address.

– Search engine optimization is important. And in-coming links to your site help you show up in Google. If you host on WordPress or Blogger, they get the credit for any incoming links to your blog, not you. But if you get a URL of your own, your blog will get the “link love” from links back to your site.

– What happens if Blogger or WordPress goes out of business? Don’t laugh. You never know. People never thought that GeoCities would cease to exist. But it did, and now all the people that hosted their blogs or websites on have lost their sites.

– Free website hosting sites may show ads to your site visitors. If someone clicks on the ads, you don’t make money – the host does. That stinks. It’s too hard as it is to get website visitors. The last thing you want to happen is for them to leave your site via an ad that you don’t make any money from.

Convinced yet that you should get your own URL? You should be. Just visit BlueHost. It’s easy, and you’ll thank me later.

How To Get URL. How To Get A URL.

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