How To Select and Register a URL Name

How To Select a URL Name

The first step to selecting a URL name is to brainstorm.  Think about a list of possible URL names for your website.

Ideally, URL name should contain your business name, if possible.  Customers who remember your business name can then return to your website easily by entering the URL of your website on their browser.

Select and then Register the right URL name is one of the most important steps when starting an impactful website. In the online industry, your URL name actually represents the name and reputation of your business, so picking a URl name for your website or blog is just as important as choosing your own business name.
If it’s not possible to register a URL name that contains your business name (because it has already been registered), then you need to include your business keywords in the URL address. These keywords should describe what your business does, or what products your business sells.

If you plan to sell plumbing supplies, you can register URL names that include the keyword plumbing and perhaps your location.  So something like  This sample URL contains the words ‘plumbing supplies’, which describes what business you’re in.

You’ll benefit from a higher stream of targeted visitors from Google, Yahoo or MSN when visitors search for your keywords which is another reason why you must include your business keywords in your URL name to attract the search engines ranking— your website higher if your URL name contains the keywords you want to optimize your site for.

keep your domain name short and catchy. If you have a long business name, first-time visitors to your site may have a hard time remembering your URL, and cannot return to your website for future purchases. So keep short.

When selecting a  URL name you should choose a URL  that ends with .com if you can.  Most people remember a web URL as ending with .com.

How To Register a URL Name

Popular domain name registration services include URL Registration or URL Purchase.

Or, if you’re planning to start a website, why not get your URL for free?  Web hosts include a free URL when you buy a hosting package.  Find the right web host for you by reading Website Hosting Reviews and save some money.

A web-hosting service allows you to upload your website images and folders onto a server so that visitors  world wide can view it .

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