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It’s no secret that economic times are tight, and it is very possible that no group is more deeply affected small business owners.

Every penny counts these days, and it is important that all investments have a significant return. So in this economy, why even consider paying money for a premium URL name?

The answer is that the URL names of high quality, also called “simple URL names”, can make a big difference to your business.  Well, what is a premium URL name?

A premium URL name is a URL name was registered in time ago but is now available again. Or, it’s a URL that is currently owned by someone else, but they’re willing to part with it for the right price.

Crafty business owners bought the more intuitive URL name locksmith.com or plumbing.com a long time ago. But owners of these URL names are willing to part with them for the right price. Some URL names have gone for millions, but many are available for anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Given the amount that a premium URL name can cost, why choose to pay for a premium URL name?  Here are 3 reasons:

  1. Instant brand. When you use a premium URL name, brand yourself automatically. Not only your URL name is a breeze to remember, but people immediately associate the product with your name. If your URL name is bassguitaramp.com, you will not have to spend much time trying to educate potential customers about the nature of your product.
  2. Increase search engine ranking. Search engines take into account the relevance of your URL name for your product or service, the easier it is your URL name associated with your product, the higher is its search engine ranking will be to achieve.
  3. The increased traffic. Direct navigation occurs when a user enters a search term directly into the Internet browser’s address line instead of using a search engine. So if a kind of “guitarrepairs.com” in the address line, it comes with your website, and click the link to your site, that user has navigated directly to your site. As you can imagine, having a premium URL name can make a real difference in the amount of traffic coming to your site through direct navigation.  Web Site Hosting Reviews.  Even though it’s a premium domain name, you can still use budget web hosts.

And you did not spend a penny in direct marketing that user to your site!  When one considers the fact that 80% of adults in the U.S. use the Internet regularly, it seems a good investment to spend whatever it takes to buy a premium URL name.  If you own a small business , consider purchasing a premium URL name and set some of your marketing budget aside to do so.

Click to go to the website “register.com” or “godaddy.com” to see if there is an available domain name that is relevant to your product or service and then do some research to see what kind of ROI you can see if you buy domain name. If this type of research seems overwhelming, consider consulting an Internet marketing professional to help determine if a premium domain name is a worthwhile investment for your business. An Internet marketing professional can also help you access the search tools that will tell you the URL names that benefit the most.

Although seems like a great investment, purchasing a premium URL name can make a big difference the success of your business. A purchase URL name that is premium will allow you to reduce spending on marketing in the long run it will increase your ranking in search engines and help potential customers to your business partners with your name.

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