Your URL is Your Brand in the Online World – Get a Good URL!

Your URL is your brand both online and in more traditional channels.  Don’t believe me?  Look at this list of places where a business owner could use their URL.  In fact, where a small or large business should be including their URL.  Remember, customers will shop via the channel they choose.  If a prospect prefers to shop online, and you don’t include your URL in your marketing collateral – you’re going to lose the opportunity to turn that prospect into a customer.

Some people will remember your domain name before they remember your actual business name.  And, most prospects will remember a URL before they’ll memorize a phone number.  So make sure your URL purchase gets the right amount of attention.

List of business related items that should include your web address (i.e., domain name or URL):

  • In your email address (the part after the “@”) – seriously, a yahoo, AOL, gmail, hotmail, etc email address isn’t professional.  If you’re serious about your business, use your domain as your email address (see – Free Google email address with domain).  Save your college email for personal items.
  • List on your business cards
  • On your company letterhead
  • Prominently in marketing collateral like brochures and leaflets
  • On the side of your business vehicles
  • During your TV commercials (if it’s DRTV, list on the bottom of the ad for the majority of the ad)
  • On the radio (make sure your domain name is memorable)
  • In your signature on discussion forums (great for SEO too)
  • Incorporated into your logo
  • On your exihibition/tradeshow stand materials
  • On billboards
  • In magazine and newspaper ads
  • In articles about your company
  • In every incoming link pointing to your website
  • On spec sheets
  • In your email signature
  • On your Facebook profile
  • On lanyards, nametags and badges
  • On newspaper inserts
  • In your Yellow Pages listing
  • On your company nameplate
  • On your Twitter page
  • On your Twitter background
  • On flyers and handouts
  • In classified ads
  • On brochures and leaflets
  • On direct mail
  • On the membership page of your local chamber of commerce or industry group
  • On gift certificates
  • On stickers and decals
  • On promotional items and giveaways
  • In your voicemail message
  • On your out-of-office autoresponder message
  • On your fax headers and cover sheets
  • On coupons and vouchers
  • On your cheques
  • On thank-you cards and greetings cards
  • On corporate wear, or uniforms
  • In the sidebar of your blog
  • On your envelopes
  • On receipts
  • In presentations
  • In the “watermark” on photos and videos
  • Every time anyone explains how to find your company on the web
  • On invoices
  • On packing slips
  • Within press releases
  • In white papers, estimates and proposals
  • On packaging and wrapping materials
  • On carrier bags or other employee swag
  • On PowerPoint presentation templates
  • On packing slips and address labels

You made it all the way to the bottom of the list.  Good job.  Now go back to the top and put a check-mark by all the item you’re using.  Bullets missing checks?  Figure out how to incorporate.  Good luck.

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