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The Top Google URLs that Will Help You Save Time

November 23, 2014

The Top Google URLs that Will Help You Save Time
A lot of people love Google for various reasons. Others would find Google so creative especially on keeping private data, private. But in order to make use of the various free services of Google, you are in a way, paying them through the information that you […]

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How to Create Your Own Personalized Google+ URL

February 16, 2014

How to Create Your Own Personalized Google+ URL
Whether you are an online business owner or someone who just loves to connect with family and friends through Google+, you will surely love their new vanity profiles. Google has made it possible for Google+ members to change their Google+ URL into personalized ones.
Instead of a boring URL […]

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How to Track URLs in Google Analytics

November 24, 2012

How to Track URLs in Google Analytics
Knowing how to track URLs in Google Analytics is significant especially if you are a marketer who needs to track results of your various marketing strategies, particularly pay-per-click or PPC campaign. By tracking your URLs in Google Analytics, you will be able to monitor your PPC ad campaign’s performance. […]

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How To Make The Google Bot Recrawl Your Website

September 15, 2012

How To Make The Google Bot Recrawl Your URLs?
There are various reasons why someone might want the Google Bot to come back to the site and recrawl it before that process was scheduled. This might happen because a malware attack was cleaned up or because a site-wide canonical system of tags was integrated to get […]

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How To Use URL Parameters In Google Webmaster Tools Video

August 17, 2012

A Google Webmaster Tools team member posted a detailed, clear 15 minute video on how to use URL parameters in Google Webmaster Tools.
The feature is pretty technical and a bit advanced.  However, the Google employee does a good job of explaining a complicated subject in a clear manner.
Watch this video explaining how, when, and why […]

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How To Get Google+ Unique URLs For Pages and Profiles

August 16, 2012

Google+ is finally launching unique URLs for Google+ personal profiles and business pages.
It’s about time, right?!
The current Google+ URLs are terrible and just not user or visitor friendly.  I’m sure the Google product manager that made the decision to launch with the existing Google+ website address set-up has received all the feedback they can take, […]

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How To Use a GoDaddy Domain Name For a Blogspot Blog URL

June 2, 2012

Most Blogspot blogs are hosted by Google at a subdomain of  However, you can now use a domain name you bought at GoDaddy as your Blogspot blog URL.  Actually you could do this before as well, but it was confusing for most people as you needed to enter the CNAME Records and A Records […]

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Country Specific Google Blogger Blog Web Addresses

February 11, 2012

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to read a Blogger blog web address using your country’s domain extension.
Currently, Australia is the only country that has the country-specific Blogger URLs implemented.  The complete Google Blogger country roll-out is supposed to take a while.  Update:  all visitors from India to blogs hosted on Google’s Blogger now see the […]

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Google Website Page Rank Checker URL for Internet Explorer or Chrome

October 6, 2011

We’ve received a few questions about how to check a website URL’s Google Page Rank (PR) value if you don’t use Firefox.  There’s some pretty good free 3rd party toolbar plugins that share the PR of a page when you visit it.  However, some of the tools only work with Firefox.
So, if you’re an old […]

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Google Purchases Dot CO URL Address G Dot CO

July 19, 2011

Google is joining the dot CO fun. Google bought the URL address G.CO within the last week per their blog post.
Google is one of the most recognizable brand names out there, so what is Google planning to do with G.CO?
Well, it won’t be to launch another public URL shortening service. isn’t being […]

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