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Removing WWW from WordPress URL

September 15, 2012

Removing WWW From The WordPress URL And Other Changes That Can Be Done
WordPress enjoys a huge popularity at the moment. This is mainly because of the fact that it offers you the freedom to do basically everything that you want in order to establish an online presence the right way. You can change details about […]

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Get List of Flickr Picture URLs in Website Gallery Photo Set

February 26, 2012

If you’re trying to put together a website gallery photo set of all your Flickr pictures, try this trick.
Instead of spending hours copy-pasting URL’s manually, just add this plugin (Awesome Flickr Gallery) to your WordPress based website.
So if you’re looking for a way to specify the photoset ID or URL, and get back a list […]

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Update the WordPress Login Page URL Logo Destination URL

August 8, 2011

Some businesses spend money on design help to develop a custom WordPress website including a custom WordPress login page design.  However, they rarely go the little bit extra to change the login logo url to point to their website.  By default the WordPress login logo will direct traffic to wordpress.org if someone happens to click on […]

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How To Setup SEO Friendly URLs or Permalinks in WordPress

March 7, 2011

The initial WordPress URL setup is terrible for the search engines. Here’s how to setup your URLs the right way when you start a new WordPress blog or website:
Permalinks is another name for URL structure. It’s critical to change your permalink structure before adding any content to WordPress, since out of the box it uses […]

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How To Choose a URL For a Top Performing Company Blog

February 23, 2011

So you want a company or personal blog that works?  You know, helps you meet your goals like more leads, more product sold, more customers, etc.
Well, there’s a couple URL related considerations for top performing company blogs.  Specifically:
Choose an easy to remember short URL –
blog.companyname.com works well, so does companyname.com/blog or even, companynameblog.com.  Read […]

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How To Add Image URL To Blog

February 19, 2010

WordPress Blogs look great with lots of images.  However, sometimes getting the images to fit just right is tough.
We’re here to help.  Some basic HTML tags will help you easily resize images once they’re uploaded on your web site.
Tip one.  Don’t try to use images that have too high a resolution.  50-150 KB or 150-600 […]

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How To Set URL Icon or Favicon for Website or WordPress Blog

February 6, 2010

You want a cool little picture to show up in the browser tab window for your website or WordPress blog, right?
Well, this “little picture” or “icon” is formally called a favicon.
How To Set URL Icon:

Pick an image or icon that you’d like to use as your website’s favicon.  Remember the favicon is only 16px by […]

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How To Use URL Shorteners On WordPress

February 5, 2010

URL shorteners are all the rage.  Heck, even Google just launched one.
But using URL shortners has downside.  What happens if your URL shortnener goes out of business or their website goes down?  Yep, that’s right, your shortened URLs now longer work.  All that hard work in getting you URLs out there has been wasted.
Another thought […]

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