Click on a bad Facebook URL? How to Get Rid of Facebook VD

Darn! You just got Facebook VD.

Yep, you knew you shouldn’t have hit that URL. But the girl on Facebook was so hot, and what she was putting out there was just irresistible.

Now you have Facebook VD.

You should have known better than to click on a strange URL in Facebook.   Hittin’ some “strange” leads usually leads to bad things.  If the link looks too good, it probably is.  What, you think a hot girl like that was actually going to leave a message on your wall? Ya right. LOL.

Now you need to get rid of your Facebook STD.

Okay, take a deep breathe. No special creams or an embarrassing visit to the doctor is needed. Just open your virus checker, and do a full scan of your computer. What, you don’t have a virus scan? Dude that’s like gettin’ some in real life without protection – it’s just dumb. Go pick a best virus scan software out and install it now before your computer starts having more problems.  Plus, you should change your Facebook password.

Don’t “poke” your Facebook friends when you have the virus.

If you’re a nice guy, you’ll double check your profile to make sure you haven’t spread the Facebook VD around to other people by posting on their wall.  If you’ve posted the bad URL, then delete the update before your friends catch the Facebook virus VD as well.

Those Facebook viruses know how to get around.

Click on a bad Facebook URL?  How to Get Rid of Facebook VD Virus VD, STD

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