Facebook Secure Canvas URL and Secure Tab URL| Fix Your Facebook Fanpage

A lot of corporate Social Marketing professionals are going to show up on Monday morning and wonder what happened to all their traffic from their Facebook Fan or Business Page.

They probably forgot that Facebook requires a secured URL connection to Facebook Fanpages and Business pages as of October 1, 2011.  Don’t panic.  This article can help you get the traffic back to your Facebook business page.

But first, some quick background.  In January 2011 Facebook changed their security to allow secured browsing.  If a user choose to activate the secure browsing features in their account settings, they would not be able to see or go to a Facebook page without a secure URL.

Facebook https URL

If you've seen your Facebook browser bar go green, you were using a secure Facebook connection.

Millions of users have activated the Facebook security settings.  And now, as of Oct. 1st, no Facebook visitor will be able to see or visit a Facebook “Pages” or “Tabs” that hasn’t been secured.

That’s probably why your Facebook Tab/Page hasn’t gotten any traffic since Sunday October 1.

Your users will see a Facebook error message that says something like this:

“Switch to regular connection (http)?  Sorry!  We can’t display this content while you’re viewing Facebook over a secured connection (https).”

How to Fix Facebook Pages and Tabs to Comply With Security Requirement

Facebook Pages are built on an application.  If you don’t have a domain and path set to your secure page tab URL, visitors won’t see your custom fabpage tab in the new secure environment.

Facebook Application Secure Tab URL

When setting up a new Facebook application, or altering the settings of an existing Facebook application, you need to input a secured https:// version of the URL for the page to show.  If you enter a non https:// URL, Facebook will show an error when you try to save it.

Steps to Fix Secure Page Tab URL:

  1. Login to Facebook.
  2. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps
  3. On the left panel you will see a section that says Facebook Developer
  4. Underneath you will find a list of your apps.  Click on the application that was created for your fanpage
  5. On the right menu panel select Edit Settings (or if you’re creating a new app you can click the +Create New App Button
  6. On the left menu panel make sure you are on the Settings/Basic option
  7. Scroll to the bottom.  Not there are two sections to check  – The App on Facebook Section and the Page Tab Section.  Once you click on the section it will drop down for editing
  8. You will now see both your Secure Canvas URL and Page Tab URL.  You need to provide a secure URL here.
  9. Buy a $12.99 GoDaddy SSL certificate – see yellow section at the top of the page for the $12.99 SSL (more information – What kind of SSL to buy for Facebook Pages; Facebook compatible SSL Certificate)
  10. Follow the GoDaddy SSL instuctions to get a secured URL for your Fanpage
  11. Input the secure URL in Secure Canvas URL section in App on Facebook and Secure Page Tab URL in Mobile Native section.

Boom.  Now go test it, and start getting traffic again!

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