How To Add Images From Other Sites To Facebook Albums Using URLs

How You Can Add Images From Other Sites To Facebook Albums With Ease?

In most cases people know just one way in which they can upload a picture to Facebook from another site. They will simply download the original picture and then start the uploading process on the social networking site. It is a common practice because that is how we are used to doing it every single day. We are used to taking a picture from a site, downloading it and only then uploading it. A general practice that has been around for a long time can help you out a lot in saving time spent during this process.

The Hard Way Of Doing Things

You browse the Internet and you see a picture that you like. You then right click it, choose Save Image As and probably put it on your desktop. You then go to your Facebook account and choose Upload photo. You select the picture that you just downloaded and you then click upload. This process will last 5 minutes tops. In most cases it is just 1 minute. It should not be a problem for the average user but when you regularly upload many pictures daily, it can translate into a really time consuming task.

The Easy Way Of Doing Things

Most people do not know that it is possible to upload a picture to Facebook directly from the page where you found it. All that you really need to do is copy and then paste the URL of the image in the dialog box that appears after clicking Upload Photo. The steps that are necessary to do this task are:

  1. After seeing an image that you like, right click and select the “Copy Image URL” option. Based on browser used, the wording can vary but you will quickly notice the right option.
  2. Go to Facebook. Click Add Photo where you want to put it and then choose the Upload option.
  3. Choose File and then in the Field Name field text area you paste the URL that you previously copied. Now all that has to be done is click Open. Add the caption that you want and post the image.

The problem with the method is that you need Windows in order to make it work. There is no time saving method that can be utilized for an OS X user. In addition, when you want to add many URLs at once from an archive that you have, you still need to utilize the regular upload option. However, if the pictures are already uploaded somewhere else, the steps mentioned above can help you save quite a lot of time.

Need a SSL certificate for Facebook?

The next time you find a picture that you love on the Internet and you want to upload it to your Facebook, use the option that we presented. The entire process lasts 30 seconds tops and you gain time that you can use however you want. This is something that we can do until Facebook officially includes an upload image from URL function in its system. Then OS X users will also be able to do this and save time.


How To Add Images From Other Sites To Facebook Albums Using URLs

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