How to Go To Facebook URL at Work If It Is Blocked

Companies want you to be productive while you’re on their dime.  Therefore, a lot of businesses will block Facebook and other similar sites so you can’t access them while you’re at work.  Or, they’ll warn you that Facebook isn’t allowed and then track what you do on the internet.  If you go to Facebook against company policy, and they can prove you’ve been visiting the site, it may be grounds for you to get fired. 

They’re paying you for your time – you can’t blame business owners for making sure they get the most out of you while you’re working.

Sometimes you have a few extra minutes.  Perhaps you’re waiting for an email with instructions on your next work task or maybe you’re on a boring conference call.  You want to get your Facebook fix, and really don’t feel like you’re taking advantage of your company.  Here’s how to do it.  However, use these steps at your own risk.  Don’t send us a nasty email if you get caught on Facebook and are disciplined.  

Make Sure the Internet Tracking Software Doesn’t Know You Were At Facebook

If your company tracks your internet history, but doesn’t directly block websites, you can use what’s called a proxy site  to hide your Facebook visits.  Many company IT guys block proxy sites, but since new ones appear all the time, one of them is sure to work.

One of the most popular is, which has a built-in Facebook proxy. If this one is already blocked, a simple Google search will reveal thousands of proxies. Be aware proxies make their money through intrusive advertisements. Expect pop-ups and pop-under ads when using this method.

Get Around Your Company Blocked Website URL List

A lot of businesses use web site blocking software that is easy to get around.  Try these tricks.  Enter the URL into your browser.  Yep, that’s not a typo.   This is a sub domain of, and some companies don’t block all the sub domains of sites you want to visit.  Some employers also don’t block secure sites that protected with SSL certificates.  So try as well.  See the extra “s” after “http”?  That’s not a typo either. 

Turn Off Facebook Chat

If anyone is from work is your friend on Facebook, especially your boss, you don’t want them to know you’re on the social site.  Therefore, make sure you turn off Facebook chat, and only turn it back on when you’re at home. 

Good luck.  Now don’t get caught and fired or anything.  You’re on your own, we carry no liability for your actions.

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