How To Use Google “info” Command to Check URL at Auction Page Rank

Buying an expired, aged URL with existing Google PR (page rank) is a great way to start-up your new website.  A URL with PR already has links pointing to the site, which will help drive traffic to your new site.  Plus, Google favors aged domains and URLs with high page rank when they decide what URL to show in their search engine result placements.  So, a domain with PR gives you a big advantage when building a new site.

However, sometimes people make the mistake of purchasing a URL at auction that they think has PR, but really doesn’t.

I just noticed a URL in GoDaddy’s domain auction marketplace,  People are starting to bid up the domain.  It’s not because the domain name has worth in and of itself, because it doesn’t.  People are bidding on the domain because they think has a PR of 4.  See the green toolbar PR indicator in the image below (PageRank words above the almost half green bar in roughly the middle of the picture):

Google PageRank ToolbarSo how do I know doesn’t have “real” Google page rank?  I use the Google command called “info:” in a Google search.  See the results in the picture below:

Google info: command search results
Did you notice the URL Google shows in the info: search command results?  See the green URL in the search engine placement result.  In this case, Google is showing “” instead of ““.  This means that the destination URL for is actually  In other words, has been 301 redirected to point to  The real domain name with a PR 4 is, not

You should do this quick URL check before buying a domain name you think has existing Page Rank.  If the destination URL post a “info:” search doesn’t match the domain you think has PR, then don’t buy the domain as it really doesn’t have the PR you think it does.

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How To Use Google “info” Command to Check URL at Auction Page Rank

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Y8 June 9, 2011 at 8:47 pm

Before starting a blog or any site it’s best to check first for any existing domain name that are already expired because some of them may have some good PR in it and some existing backlinks. And best of all it will save you some time promoting it on the web.

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