Google Chrome URL Bar Going Away?

Is the Google Chrome URL bar going away?

Rumor is Google is working on an overhaul of the Chrome web browser UI.  The URL bar may go away as part of this work effort.  This would be a big user interface change, maybe even biggest since the browser launched.

Google Chrome is known for it’s increased viewable space of internet content.  This is due to the reduction in UI compared to older web browsers.

A possible UI redesign supposedly under consideration would only have one line and place the tabs, menus, navigation buttons, a search button next to each other. The URL bar would be eliminated and the URL of each tab would not be in sight all the time.  The URL would only be displayed when a page is loading and when a tab is selected.

A negative of this potential Chrome UI change is that the URLs are not always visible, that navigation controls and menus are not located within the tab and lose context sensitivity, and that that tab strip is rather crowded.

So keep your eyes out on new versions of the Google Chrome web browser – we’ll see what they come up with!

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