Google Create Unique Trackable URL Tool

When you’re creating new marketing campaigns, it’s important to test.  After all, if you don’t test, you won’t know what to do to improve your marketing campaign performance.

I would guess that most marketers don’t test thoroughly because they don’t know how to create unique, trackable URLs.

Google has a tool to help.  They call it the URL Builder Tool.

Just enter your website URL, and then additional details like campaign source, medium, term like keywords, what is unique about the copy, and the campaign name.  Then hit the “generate URL” button.

Boom, you have a unique, trackable URL that you can use to track the performance of your campaigns.  This way, when you get a lead or sale, you know where it came from.  Obviously you want to do more of what works, and stop what isn’t working.  A unique URL will help you track this information to help make your campaign optimization decisions.

I like that if your Google Analytics account has been linked to an active AdWords account, there’s no need to tag your AdWords links – auto-tagging will do it for you automatically.

Give it a shot today.

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