Google Now Shows Destination URL in Title of Ads

Google has been testing URL addresses in the title section of AdWords ads. They must have liked the results, because they’ve rolled out the test to full production. The official Google domain title statement is here.

Google explains their reasoning –
“Starting today, we’ll automatically show your display URL domain in the headline for select top placement ads on Google. As a result, your brand will be featured more prominently in your ad, and you can use the text in the headline to highlight other information. Potential customers, on the other hand, will be able to more easily identify the site to which they’ll be taken after they click on your ad.”

My personal opinion is this will help big brands. It will also help websites with great, memorable, short domain names.

Google added some additional thoughts on the change –
“When shown in the headline, the display URL will be separated from the rest of the text by a vertical bar and will include only the domain, not the “www.” prefix or any subdirectories. Your display URL will also continue to appear as normal below the description line. Of course, if the headline already contains your domain, we won’t display it again. Finally, it’s possible for the display URL domain to appear in addition to a description line that is promoted to the headline, as long as the resulting headline is sixty-eight characters or less.”

Google Now Shows Destination URL in Title of Ads

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