How to Create Your Own Personalized Google+ URL

How to Create Your Own Personalized Google+ URL

Whether you are an online business owner or someone who just loves to connect with family and friends through Google+, you will surely love their new vanity profiles. Google has made it possible for Google+ members to change their Google+ URL into personalized ones.

Instead of a boring URL that consists of a long string of numbers, you can have your very own Google+ URL, which often features your name. And if you are wondering how to create your own personalized Google+ URL, you will be delighted at how easy it is.

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Creating Your Own Google+ URL

Google will let you have your own Google+ URL if you meet their simple requirements. This should not be hard since they are just basic and you do not have to make so much effort to have these.

  • Requirements

You only have to have a Google+ profile picture, ten followers (at the very least) and at least a 30 day old Google+ account. The requirements are really easy to meet so you don’t have to worry about it.

  • Reserving Your Google+ URL

If the feature is already available on your profile, you will see the feature to have your own Google+ URL when you log in to your Google+ account. Google+ will automatically suggest your Google+ name as your new personalized Google+ URL. You can simply agree to the terms and hit the ‘Change URL’ tab to change the URL of your Google+ account.

If you want to change your Google+ URL into something else, such as your online business’ name, you need to request a new one from Google by clicking on the ‘Request a different one’ link. You can reserve your business name or any other name as your new personalized Google+ URL by doing so.

  • Approval

Keep in mind that Google has to check whether your Google+ URL is approved or not. This is especially true if you have requested a different URL than the one that had been suggested by Google. Wait for a few days to find out whether the new Google+ URL that you have submitted was approved or not.

You should also keep in mind that you need to submit a valid reason why you are changing your Google+ URL into something else aside from your own Google+ name. If your answer was accepted by Google, you will receive a notification about it.

Knowing how to create your own personalized Google+ URL is important especially if you want to make your business or your identity be known online. Even if Google+ is not the largest and most popular social networking site today, you should still make efforts to have your own personalized Google+ URL to be able to make your profile even more interesting. URLs that are personalized seem more professional, which will give you the credibility that prospective clients are looking for.

So hurry and reserve your own Google+ URL now before someone else does. It would be too bad if you waited only to find out that your preferred personalized Google+ URL had already been taken.

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