How To Increase Google Adsense Earnings By Changing URL Color

If your website gets a lot of traffic that you’re monetizing with Google Adsense, try this test. You may be able to increase your Google Adsense earnings by just changing the color of the Adsense URL link.

The default Adsense URL link color is green. See the snippet below to see what I’m talking about. People may have Google Adsense “blindness” at this point as they’re used to seeing the links through-out the internet. What happens when a visitor is “blind” to an add? That’s right, they don’t click on it, and you don’t make any money.

So, test changing the color of the URL link away from the default green. Perhaps blend in with your site’s design. Or, make the link stand-out vs. your website look & feel in maybe a bright red. You won’t know the best performing color until you test, but chances are the default won’t be your best performer.

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