How To Make The Google Bot Recrawl Your Website

How To Make The Google Bot Recrawl Your URLs?

There are various reasons why someone might want the Google Bot to come back to the site and recrawl it before that process was scheduled. This might happen because a malware attack was cleaned up or because a site-wide canonical system of tags was integrated to get rid of duplicate content problems. No matter the reason, when you want the bot to come back, it is a guarantee that you want it to happen as soon as possible because a problem has to be fixed.

In order to force a recrawl, search engine optimization will use XMP sitemap resubmitting or free ping services like Ping-O-Matic. This basically makes the bot come back. It is also possible to fire various social bookmarking links towards your site. The problem is that you might miss with these methods. One that you will surely like is one that guarantees success.

Submit URL To Index

Google Webmaster Tools were updated with Fetch as Googlebot features. One of them is Submit URL To Index. This allows you to update URLs that Google usually tends to crawl in a few days. It is interesting to notice that the SEO world did not talk much about it, even if this is a great way to obtain immediate indexing results for your pages.

Using Submit URL To Index

Sometimes you might end up with various errors in your pages and WMT will tell you about them. It is obvious that SERP performance drops a lot when Google identifies such problems, tells you about them and you do not react quickly. Many technical problems can appear. In some cases the developer might even block the IP of the Google Bot without even realizing it.

In the past, such issues were hard to discover but nowadays Google Webmaster Tools tells you everything that you need to know. You will spend a lot less time in fixing the problem but you also have to make sure that you let the search engine know that you fixed it. When many errors appear, Google usually postpones crawling and will only come back after a long time.

When you believe that the problems were fixed, you need to use Fetch As Googlebot. If the process is a success, it means that all is okay and you’ll receive access to Submit URL to Index. Do that and your problems are over. Make sure that you also select the “URL and all linked pages” in order to force the bot to crawl all the extra pages and internal links present on your site. Always submit those web addresses that include many internal links. This gives authority and helps you deal with many crawling related SEO problems.

As you can easily notice, using Submit URL To Index is really simple. The problematic part is usually finding out what the problem is with your site. Use WMT in order to see what is wrong as the information that is offered is priceless. Then, make changes and force the Google Bot to come back to your website.


How To Make The Google Bot Recrawl Your Website

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