How To Remove a URL from Google Search Results

Sometimes there are pages on your website that you just don’t want to show up in Google search results any longer. The information may be old, or you have other reasons for the web page not to show up in google SERPs (search engine result placements).

Google has a little tool to help you remove URLs.  See Google url removal tool.  Or, if you want to remove an entire directory, check out this Google help thread.

This individual URL removal tool isn’t for a whole bunch of URLs.  In fact, I’d think twice about removing too many of your URLs from the search results.  Even if the natural search traffic isn’t highly targeted, it may still convert or at least gain a bit of exposure for your site.  You may also consider using a canonical tag in the page’s meta tags to point the search engine bots to a page you’d rather have indexed instead.

It’s hard enough getting web pages to show up in Google’s search results.  When you have pages that show up and drive traffic, even if they’re pages you don’t care for whatever reason, it’s best to think twice before using the URL removal tool.

Matt Cutts, a highly respected Google engineer, has a blog post about removing URLs here.

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Pablo Augusto May 17, 2011 at 11:15 am

I have made a chrome extension to help the url request removal process to many os single URLs.

The plugin named SEO Url Removal attach a little blue X after each SERP result, so when click on it you go directly to google webmaster url removal tool with all parameters filled and just need to press ok.

You can bulk right click and open in a new tab to fast remove hundred urls.
I hope it can help

ian September 1, 2011 at 8:12 am

Dear Sir or Madam
Some years ago I posted a posting on a geneology forum called rootsweb about a deceased relative. After some time I decided to see if I could have it removed from the rootweb archive as it still turned up on google searches, and caused some embarrassment when relatives saw it.
The rootweb forum administrators kindly deleted the offending thread, and I was most pleased about this. However even though the thread no longer exists, if one does a search on google search engine on the name concerned the url still shows up even though it no longer exists.
Please does anyone know if it is possible for me to get it removed from google searches and if so how.
Your kind assistance in this matter is appreciated.

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