How to Use Google “inurl” Command for URL SEO Competition Data

This post assumes that you’ve already used the Google keyword tool to find keywords that have a lot of exact match traffic to them. The next step is assessing how hard it will be to rank on the first page of Google for the keyword.

It’s important to know how competitive a keyword is before you invest time in developing a niche website or even a high quality blog post around the keyword topic. After all, you don’t want to invest a lot of time of money if you don’t have a shot at a high ranking that will drive traffic to your site.

    How many published web pages are there that have the target keyword in the url address is a key factor for how competitive a keyword is. Having the targeted keyword in the url is an important factor in SEO.

    Obviously you’d prefer to go after a high traffic keyword with less competition than one with too much competition. After all, if you’re not getting any traffic, the page isn’t doing you much good.

    Use the Google command “inurl” to find out how many pages there are. Just type this in the Google search bar:


    Obviously replace “keyword” with the keyword you’re interested in.

    Once you know how many web pages there are that have that keyword in the URL, then you can look at the Page Rank (PR) of the websites currently in Google’s top 10. This will give you a great feel for how competitive a certain keyword is. Good luck!

    How to Use Google “inurl” Command for URL SEO Competition Data

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