How To Use URL Parameters In Google Webmaster Tools Video

A Google Webmaster Tools team member posted a detailed, clear 15 minute video on how to use URL parameters in Google Webmaster Tools.

The feature is pretty technical and a bit advanced.  However, the Google employee does a good job of explaining a complicated subject in a clear manner.

Watch this video explaining how, when, and why to use the URL parameters feature within Google Webmaster tools.

I’m Maile Ohye, a member Google’s webmaster support team.

I’d like to help you better understand how to use the URL parameters feature in webmaster tools.  URL parameters is a fairly advanced feature.  So the information
presented may be more complex than one would expect.

Before you watch this video further, please check out the URL parameter page to see if you have a message from Google saying that we already believe we have high crawl coverage of your site and therefore no adjustments to this feature are necessary.  The message would say, “currently GoogleBot is not experiencing problems with coverage of your site
so you don’t need to configure URL parameters.

Incorrectly configuring parameters can result in pages from your site being dropped by the index so we don’t recommend you use this tool if it’s not necessary.  For those of you who have that message, you’re good to go and your continued viewing is not necessary.

But for those of you who don’t have that message, please keep watching and you may take away important actions on your URL parameters feature that can result in pages no longer appearing in search.  Again it’s an advanced feature.

The settings in URL parameters are used by google as helpful hints in our crawling process.  For stronger directives, you want to use things like a robot dot text disallow or no index.  Using your operators is still very helpful.

In 2010, the Google store only sold about a hundred and sixty products and that seems fine and very easy to crawl.  The thing is that that out of these a hundred and sixty products
we actually created three hundred eighty thousand unique URLs.  URLs are also created by things like different types of navigation so Google bot in terms of from your site doesn’t just look at st two hundred unique URLs, but actually has to determine what URLs to crawl of the three hundred eighty thousand that were created.

You can see that Googlebot might want to be more efficient in crawling by looking at these two URLs.  Now the first one says category equals YouTube.  Let’s say that URL brings Googlebot to twenty unique items on the page, but on the second URL it’s category equals YouTube but size equals medium.

So its the exact same items, but now filtered down to five because of the size equals medium parameter.

Watch the rest on the YouTube video above …


How To Use URL Parameters In Google Webmaster Tools Video

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