New Appointment Slots In Google Calendar Use URLs To Share Availability

Google is rolling out a new feature for the Google calendar – appointment slots that use URLs.

The new appointment slots allow you to set aside or reserve time in your Google calendar for future appointments. This new feature is activated by just clicking anywhere on the calendar and switching from Events to Appointment Slots at the top of the new event bubble.

A cool feature of the new appointment slots is the additions of URLs. Each appointment slot has a unique URL. The URL is available at the set-up page that opens when you click on an appointment slot in your calendar.

You can link to the appointment slot via your website. Or you can send the appointment slot URL to a friend or colleague via email, Facebook message, Tweet, text message, or otherwise. The person that clicks on the URL can easily make an appointment with you within the time frame you reserved in your Google calendar. The new shared event will be created on both yours and the other person’s calendar.

“At Google, many people are already using appointment slots to manage their office hours or even schedule appointments with on-site fitness instructors,” mentioned Google via the blog that announced the new use of URLs in Google calendar.

“Google Calendar has become indispensable for organizing my own time and sharing my schedule with friends and coworkers. But what about letting others know about my preferred availability? Likewise, when I look at my hairdresser’s online calendar, I wonder why I can’t just book the open slot instead of remembering to call during regular business hours. Now, with appointment slots in Google Calendar, any individual or business can manage appointment availability online 24/7.”

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Bill June 22, 2011 at 11:01 am

I think you’ve got a particular detail wrong; the URL displayed for a Calendar Event Appt. slot is not unique per appointment, but rather to the user’s Appt. Calendar Page. If I create multiple appts., with available time slots, the URL will be the same on each Event setup page, and will link to a page that shows all of my available appointment events.

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