The Top Google URLs that Will Help You Save Time

The Top Google URLs that Will Help You Save Time

A lot of people love Google for various reasons. Others would find Google so creative especially on keeping private data, private. But in order to make use of the various free services of Google, you are in a way, paying them through the information that you provide. This information is what Google will use to come up with better ads and earn more money. This is the same information that allows them to come up with creative and fantastic services, like Google Now which will save you from a lot of troubles and suffering.

Of course, Google Now also helps to make Google Search even better. But even if you are very satisfied with this new model, it is still important to be aware of what Google is collecting and how you can manage to control it. With that in mind, refer below for the top ten important URLs that can help you to save time in using Google.

Using a Non Gmail Email to Sign Up — this is what you will need to go to if you want to create an account with Google using a non Gmail email address.

Viewing and Editing your Profile – this is the URL that will allow you to view and edit your profile within Google as it is being related to the adverts that you will see on your profile. This is also where you will opt out of some interest based ads.

Exporting Details from the Google System —this link is what you will use if you want to export your details that are contained within the Google system. This includes the emails as well as the photos that you post, including those videos in YouTube.

Filing a Complaint for Used or Copied Content — if you need to file a complaint on Google if you feel that your content is used without your knowledge or permission, then this URL is what you will use.

Location and History When Using Android Phone — obviously, this URL is where you will find your location history if you are using mobile phones that make use of Android OS or if you use the Google Now app for iOS.

Entire Search History — this is the URL to go to if you need to view your entire search history in Google. But be warned, this could take up a lot of time.

Unused Gmail Accounts —those who have unused Gmail accounts should make use of this URL in order to ensure that Google will not delete them right after an extended period of time of being idle.

Unauthorized Access to your Account — if you feel that someone may have accessed your account in Google without your permission, then this is the URL that you should go to.

Web, Mobile and Desktop Apps — this is the link where you will find a complete list of all the web, mobile and desktop apps which can access your data.

Resetting your Account Password — do you need to reset your password because you forgot it? Then simply go to this link.

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