Updates to Goo.gl Google Short URL

Google recent said they will “continue to focus on making goo.gl one of the fastest and most reliable URL shorteners on the web.”

And they weren’t kidding, as they launched new product features for Goo.gl URL shortener this past week. The new feature updates include: Copy To Clipboard, Remove From Dashboard, and Spam Reporting.

Copy To Clipboard
You will now be able to easily copy the newly shortened URL to your clipboard for pasting elsewhere. Google explains this feature as;

“When a new short URL is created, the text on the page will automatically be highlighted, and you can simply press Control+C (or Command+C on a Mac) to copy it.”

Remove From Dashboard
A URL can now be removed from your dashboard. In order to remove the URL, simply click the check box to the left of the long URL and then click the “Hide URL” button at the bottom. While you are removing the short URLs from your dashboard — you are not deleting them. In other words, that shortened URL will still work.

Spam Reporting
Now, if you find a Google shortened URL that is spam, you can report it by visiting goo.gl/spam-report. Once there its as quick and easy as entering the URL, checking the type of problem and then adding in any additional comments.

Updates to Goo.gl Google Short URL| Spam Reporting, Copy to Clipboard, Remove from Dashboard

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