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Remember when you used to be able to just plug in a URL, and Twitter would automatically shorten the URL for you? Well, guess what, the feature is back. Twitter re-introduced a new automatic link shortening for the website.

How Does Automatic URL Link shortening Work?
Just paste a link of any length into the Tweet box on After you’re done writing your Tweet, click on the “Tweet” button. Twitter will then automatically shorten the link so the URL is only 19 characters.

The new URL link shortening service will help to improve security on Twitter. Tweeted URLs will show up with ellipses so users know what website the URLs will take them to. Also, if users click on links that are reported as malicious, Twitter will direct users to a warning page. This is all good news in light of the increased use of short URLs by spammers and hackers.

At the beginning of Twitter, they use to automatically shorten links using TinyURL, then, before releasing its redesigned site without built-in link shortening. Apparently a lot of people asked for the automatic URL link shortening on to be replaced, and they listened. Good for Twitter!

You can still use a different URL link shortening service if you prefer.

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