How to Get the URL Address of a Twitter Tweet

How to Get the URL Address of a Twitter Tweet

Knowing how to get the URL address of a Twitter tweet is important when you are writing an article or publishing the link of the Twitter tweet online. Of course, you can always re-tweet or mark the tweet as your favorite when you want to republish it on your Twitter account. But if you want to publish it somewhere else and you want people to go to the tweet page itself, you need to have the link.

Getting the Link of a Twitter Tweet

There is a simple way on how to get the link of a Twitter tweet. Even on various devices, such as a Windows PC or a Mac, the steps are simple and are identical since the browsers used in these devices are the same so it would be easy for you to remember them. Mac devices, on the other hand, have different Twitter clients that you can also use to get the link of a tweet. Here’s how:

  • Windows PC/Mac Internet Browser

The steps in getting the link of a tweet are very simple. You just have to go to the timeline of the user who tweeted the tweet you wanted to get the link of and look for the tweet you wanted. Right-click on the time stamp of that tweet and click ‘Open Link in New Tab’. You can also choose ‘Open Link in New Window’ to open the tweet page.

Copy the address that will appear on the address bar of your browser and you’re done. That is the link that you are looking for.

  • Mac Twitter Client – YoruFukurou

When using Mac’s YoruFukurou, a Twitter client, you just need to look for the tweet you want to get the link of and right-click on it. Hit on ‘Open in Browser’ then copy the link of the tweet at the address bar of the browser that you are using.

  • Mac Twitter Client – Twiterrific

There are two ways on how to get the URL address of a Twitter tweet through this client. You can either right click on the tweet that you like and choose ‘Open Page’ or you can just right click on the tweet and choose ‘Copy Link to Tweet’.

When you do the first option, you will have to copy the link on the browser where the tweet page will open. On the other hand, when you follow the second option, you can just paste the link to where you want to publish it as the link is already on the copy/paste buffer.

When opening links of tweets from a Mac client, remember that your default browser will be the one that will open the page for you. So make sure that you have set your preferred browser first before doing this to avoid being irritated with using the wrong browser. Anyway, most browsers are okay to use so there is no need to worry about this. Your browser reference is the only thing that you need to think about when choosing a default browser.

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