How To Get Your Twitter URL Address

If you recently joined Twitter, you may want to list your Twitter URL on LinkedIn, your blog, or otherwise. But, to do that you need to know what your Twitter URL address is for your Twitter profile.

Every Twitter account has a different URL address. Your personal Twitter URL is the unique web URL address that takes people to your Twitter profile.

If you know your Twitter user name, you can find your Twitter URL. It’s pretty easy actually. Your Twitter user name is the name you choose when you signed up. It’s the name that follows the “@” sign when you post an update. Not sure what your username is? Click on the “profile” link once you’re logged in Twitter. Right below your name, see what follows the “@” sign – that’s your Twitter username.

Once you know your Twitter account name, just replace “accountname” in this URL with your Twitter account name. See – I told you finding your Twitter personal URL was easy!

You may want to cut and paste your Twitter URL into your web browser bar to double check the URL takes you to your Twitter profile page.

If you were Jim Cramer for example, and had the Twitter username of @jimcramer, your Twitter URL would be Okay, you get the idea.

From your Twitter profile page, other users can read your most recent updates — known as tweets — browse your bio, look at your avatar picture and subscribe to your future updates. When a user subscribes to, or “follows,” you, your updates will appear in his timeline, along with all of his other followers’ tweets.

How To Get Your Twitter URL Address

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John August 25, 2012 at 3:03 am

Hi ive just joined twitter & i think ive done something wrong because i have a grey square in the middle of my ipad screen with a little rotating wheel with the words “saving url” this has been there for 2 days. Can you tell me how to stop it or explain to me what its doing or what its there for…

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