How To See The World’s Most Exclusive Website Web Page URLs

What in the world is this “The World’s Most Exclusive Website” that is a trending topic on Twitter? It even has Ryan Seacrest tweeting about the site’s exclusivity.

I checked it out.  I couldn’t get past room #1 of the mysterious website post logging in with my Twitter login.  It looks the website lets people in the front door based on how many Twitter followers you have.  It’s a tiered deal, so the more Twitter followers you have, the more levels you can visit.

Screw that, right?  I’ll just hack my way in …  and it was really easy.

Here’s How To See The World’s Most Exclusive Website Web Pages:

Just take the website’s URL,, and add /img/room1.jpg to it.

That will take you to room #1.  To get to the next rooms, just change the “1” to the next number in the URL and enter into your address bar.

World’s Most Exclusive Website Page 2, 3, 4,  …  You get the idea.

We’re guessing the site will fix this piece of elementary coding leading to an easy hack as soon as they find out about it.  So if you click on the links above and go to a 404 page, don’t worry about it.  The good writers at Business Insider used the same trick, and took screen shots of the pages.  See them here.

I have no idea what the site’s end intentions are at this point.  However, it’s obvious that there’s a genius marketing mind behind it.  I guess we’ll find out soon enough what the intent of the site is and what it is trying to promote.  If I had to guess, I’d say Ryan Seacrest is in on the secret and is actually collecting a paycheck for his promotional tweets and blogs.  But, that’s just my guess and I could be wrong.


How To See The World’s Most Exclusive Website Web Pages

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