How To Use Google Short URL With Tweetdeck Desktop

Google Short URL with TweetDeckYou can use Google’s short URL with TweetDeck Twitter desktop client, which is a good decision.   Tests of the different URL shortening tools point out that Google’s own URL shortening service is the most reliable in terms of response time and up time.

You don’t want to send a user to a dead short link.  Therefore using a reliable URL shortening like is important.  Here’s the instructions on how to use URL shortener with your TweetDeck desktop application:

  1. Start your TweetDeck client
  2. Go to TweetDeck “Settings” by clicking wrench icon icon in the top right corner
  3. Select the tab “Services” in the “TweetDeck Settings” window.  Choose “Other” under shorten URLs services
  4. Copy and paste this URL shortening Endpoint –
  5. Click on “Save Settings”
  6. Click back to TweetDeck interface where you can now begin to use URL shortener.

Where’s the “that was easy button”, because you’re finished!

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