Improve Twitter Campaign Performance With Unique URLs

Improve Twitter Campaing PerformanceIn the post before this, we told you about the Google Unique, Trackable Link Builder Tool.

Well, you can use this Google tool to help the performance of your Twitter campaigns.  How?

You want to engage with your Twitter followers when you know their participation is the highest.  You know, tweet that new killer article, etc.  Every business is unique, so you don’t just want to rely on what some so called “guru” says is the right time to interact with your Twitter followers.  You need to experiment to optimize your Twitter campaigns.

Here’s the metrics you’ll want to create unique URLs for to test your way into the optimal campaign timing –

  • Which tweets received the most replies/mentions?
  • Which tweets received the most retweets?
  • What time of day and day of the week were retweets, replies and mentions at their highest?
  • Which Twitter followers received the most RT’s of your content? In other words, who was a top influencer?
  • What days are your top targeted keywords referenced the most?
  • Which days do you receive the most new followers?
  • Which shared links receive the most click throughs?
  • Which links generate the largest amount of conversions on your site?

Just use the Google Link Builder tool to build the unique URLs based on the above, and track the performance via Google analytics or other tracking package you may have.  You may just be surprised what you learn.

Improve Twitter Campaign Performance With Unique URLs

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