Twitter “See Your Profile Viewers” URL Scam Spam

Don’t click on links that promise to show you who has accessed your Twitter profile.

It’s a scam! If you click on one of those “see your profile viewers” URLs, you’ll just get a whole lot of spam-scam headaches.

There is no way to tell who has viewed your Twitter profile. Don’t believe it? Here’s a quote from Del Harvey, Twitter’s Head of Trust and Safety –

“You cannot see who’s viewing your profile, how many times it’s been viewed, or who views you most. Do not click on those links,” Harvey writes.

Twitter is working with URL shortener (good luck with that Twitter, Libya has a lot of other stuff to worry about right now) to stop the huge flow of scamming related to the following message: “You can now see who views your twitter profile the most!” But that’s just one form of the scam-spam. Third-party Twitter apps with names like “TOP20 Profile Stalkers” and “Tweetviewer” are just some of the other creative ways that spammers are tricking Twitter users into giving them full, authenticated access to their Twitter tweet lists.

If you screwed up and clicked on one of the dubious links, don’t feel too bad. Even the verified account of comedian Zach Galifianakis made that mistake.

You should immediately remove the scam sites’ access. This can be done by clicking on your user name in the upper-right hand corner of your main Twitter page and selecting “settings.” From there, select the “connections” option, then find the offending applications and click “Revoke Access.”

And be careful what URLs you click on in the future.

Twitter See Your Profile Viewers URL Scam Spam

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