How to Get a Personal Vine URL: Unique Vine Web Address

How to Get a Personal Vine URL: Unique Vine Web Address

People are getting more and more hooked on sharing websites. People are also beginning to love having personal spaces on the web because it gives them the feeling of freedom to manage their own space online. And with Vine, netizens can have both. is a mobile application that lets people create and share videos that are six seconds long. People can share their videos with their friends online with the help of this app, which enables the videos to loop and be played continuously by the viewers.

Having Your Own Personal Vine URL has announced on selected press sites that it will be allowing its users to have their own vanity profiles. These profiles will be accessed through the personal URL of the profile owner. Thus, it is necessary for the member to know how to get a personal Vine URL which is a unique Vine web address. This will enable them to have others view their profiles just like a profile on social networking sites.

At the first three days of release of this feature, only verified Twitter account owners will be able to claim their vanity profiles. This means that people who have regular accounts will have to wait until December 23 to be able to get their own personal Vine URL.

Here is how to get your own Vine URL or unique Vine web address:

  • Log In

Before you can have your very own Vine URL, you will need to log in to using your own account. You will be directed to a page where you can create your own Vine URL. Make sure that you spell your chosen personal Vine URL because you will not be able to change it later. Once you have confirmed your preferred URL, it will be your account’s permanent URL.

  • Choose a Unique Personal Vine URL

Make sure that you have some personal URLs that you want to use if your preferred one is not available. Because these are unique URLs, once they are taken, they can never be taken by any other Vine user, much like Twitter handles or names.

If y0u don’t have a Vine, but want your own domain name, check here or here.

Thus, if you would like to have a personal Vine URL that is different from your Twitter handle, you need to register it early so that it will not be taken by any other Vine member. You should also keep in mind that Twitter handles for verified accounts are all reserved for the account owners who want to register their Twitter handle as their personal Vine URL.

Knowing how to get a personal Vine URL, unique Vine web address is essential as this will be your personal space online. Make sure that you register your own unique Vine website URL, even if you already have a verified Twitter account, so that you can truly use your new personal Vine URL. Even though your personal URL has been already reserved for you, you should take note that you need to register it on to ensure that the URL will be yours and no one else can use it for their own profile.

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