How DNS URL System Works

How DNS URL System Works

You might be wondering how DNS URL system works. If you are, then read this article while we shed some light into this matter.

Domain Name or Website URL

Your website URL is what the users must type on their browsers in order for them to be able to browse through your site. The domain names can be bought from a Domain Name Registrar, an accredited company that is in charge for the reservation of Internet domain names.

To date, you will find hundreds Domain Name Registrars online, but it is important that you choose the most reputable of them all. The domain names can be bought in several different prices, and in order to get the best deals, you must spend time browsing through the Internet to look around for the cheapest option that you can take advantage of.

As soon as you have purchased your domain name, then you now have full control as to where the domain is to point. Basically, the Domain Name System, or DNS, works just like a phone book, where, every time you type the name on a web browser, it will make you reach the web servers through IP addresses.

How DNS work

Now that you know what a domain name or website URL is, it’s time that we discuss how DNS URL system works. In order for your website and email to work with your domain name, you will need to adjust the DNS for your domain to the servers which serve both your website and email. Although your website and email can be served by the same server, this is not often the case. This is because if the server goes offline, then both your website and email will become inaccessible.

It is also best that your email will be managed by a specialist management company, while your site should be hosted by a web development company using their own server.

Adjusting the DNS

In order to adjust the DNS, you must first set the name server records of your domain towards a point at a DNS name server host. You can have your domain registrar as the DNS host, or it could be the web development company or the email management company that manages your email. As soon as the web development company is able to get a hold of your domain name, they will then set the IP address that will connect your domain to both your web server and email by coming up with A records, also known as Address Records as well as MX Records, or Mail Exchanger Records. The A records will then point at the server of your site while your MX records will point towards your email provider.

As soon as you have delegated new name servers on your domain name, it will take about 15 minutes up to 48 hours before it starts to propagate. The propagation will depend on the ISP which the user is using to access your site and on how often they clear the DNS caches. So as you can see, when it comes to how DNS URL system works, there are actually 3 areas that you need to consider, and that includes the website hosting, email hosting as well as domain name purchase and management.

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