How To Build a Unique Facebook Business Page URL

Facebook rocks.  There’s no question Facebook can help grow your business.  So, build or create your unique (also known as “vanity”) Facebook business page URL now.  You want to make sure you get your Facebook URL before someone else does.

However, before you can get your unique Facebook business page URL, you have to have already built your Facebook business page. 

Now that you have a default Facebook business page URL, you can work on getting the unique URL tailored for your business.  Again, this is assuming it’s available and another business hasn’t already taken it.

Facebook will give your new page a random URL that looks something like this (   Your Facebook originally assigned URL is long, and a customer won’t remember it.  That’s why you want a shorter, more memorable web address URL for your Facebook business page.

  1. Go to and go use the wizard to choose the username for your unique URL.
  2. Choose a username for your personal profile. Before choosing a username for any of your business pages, you must choose a username for your personal profile. If you don’t have a personal profile yet, you’ll need to create one. Facebook will give you a few suggested options based on your name. Select one of the suggested options or write out your own. Check the availability and confirm your choice.
  3. Pick a user name for your business page URL.   Best practice is to pick the name of your business.  You can’t change this name once you’ve picked it, so choose wisely.

Congratulations, you should be done.  You don’t realize it, but we just saved you a lot of time trying to find these URL directions in Facebook’s non-user friendly help section.

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