How To Change URL Host

So you’re tired of your current web host, huh?  You think they suck?  You can do better.  Promise.

How To Change URL Host:

  1. Get a new hosting account at HostGator
  2. Don’t cancel your existing hosting account yet.  This is important.  You don’t want your current host to terminate your website before you’ve had the chance to move the files.
  3. FTP all your website files to your computer hard drive from your current host.
  4. FTP those same files to your new hosting account at HostGator  If you don’t know how to use FTP, call HostGator after you’ve purchased your hosting package.  Their technical support will help you, and may even do it for you for free!
  5. After your website files are at your new hosting account at HostGator, change the DNS of your URL.  HostGator will give your the new DNS name servers, which will be something like – and
  6. Once the DNS of your URL changes are in place, it takes anywhere from an hour to 2 days for your site to load from your new HostGator account.  Until the DNS changes propagate, your site should still load from your old hosting account.
  7. Once the change to your new HostGator account has successfully happened, you can cancel your old hosting account.

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See how to change URL host was easier than you thought!

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