How To Create QR Codes With Google’s URL Shortener

You can now create QR codes using,  Google’s very own URL shortener.   Just add “.qr” to the end of any shortened URL, and Google will automatically create a QR code.

The Google URL shortener is currently available through Feedburner, the Google Toolbar, and a few Google Chrome extensions.  If you visit the homepage, currently says that the service “is currently available for Google products and not for broader consumer use.”

QR codes are used heavily in Japan.  Most Japanese cell phones can read a QR code with the built-in camera.  QR stands for “Quick Response”.  QR codes may store a URL address.  A person can point their camera at the QR code, and the browser will go to the associated URL.  This is known as a “physical world hyperlink”.

Many people are predicting QR codes will go mainstream in the US sometime in the near future.

Know you know how to create QR codes with Google’s URL shortener.

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