How To Fix a URL Problem in Your Web Browser

Oh man, you just tried to open up a long URL, and the web page didn’t load.  That stinks.  A lot of things may have gone wrong.  However, it could just be a simple error with the URL.

Follow these steps to see if there is an error or problem with your URL.  Perhaps these steps will help you load the URL:

  1. If you’re using the http: portion of the URL, did you include the forward slashes after the colon (http://)?
  2. Did you remember to type in the domain extension at the end of the URL (.com, .net, .co, .edu, .org, etc.)?
  3. Did you accidentally type in a .com extension when the URL actually is a different URL extension like .net, .co, .org, .edu, etc.?
  4. Did you type the actual page name if necessary? For example, most web pages have specific names that end in .htm, .html, index, among others.
  5. Are you using back slashes \\ instead of the correct forward slashes // after the http: portion of the URL?  http:// is correct.
  6. Check the www. Did you forget a w or add an extra by mistake – wwww?
  7. Did you accidentally “fat finger” the URL?  For example, did you type in instead of
  8. If you copied the URL and pasted it in the address bar of the browser, check to see that the full URL was copied properly. Sometimes the URL will take up more than one line in an email or other web page.  You need to paste in the full URL, not just part of it.

How To Fix a URL Problem in Your Web Browser

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Oliver Nwagwu October 21, 2011 at 8:43 am

In the past three weeks my computer browsing has been very discomforting . Each time I type in any URL I get no response from the browser , it is either not connection or I will get “the URL is too large” and no response . I need a lead to get this fixed . Why is my URL too large in the first place, do I need to expand my PC memory ? I need help that can be easily followed followed without all the expert version .

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