How To Get a Unique Author Page URL on Amazon

Are you an author?  Do you already have an Author Page on Amazon?  If so, you can now get an easy-to-remember, unique URL for your Amazon Author Page.

In other words, you can get a website address like this –  Just replace author name with your name.  Pretty cool!

The unique URL is helpful to make it easier for your customers, friends, and colleagues find you and your books.  You could add the unique URL to your blog, LinkedIn profile, Twitter profile, and even Facebook.    Make sure you get your own website address for those other social media sites by following the instructions here (Twitter URL, Facebook URL).

How To Get a Unique Author Page URL on Amazon

Sign into Author Central, click on Profile, then look in the upper right corner for an Author Page URL notice.   Follow the Amazon instructions, and in roughly 30 minutes you’ll have your own personalized URL.

This is available on but not on or other international Amazon sites.  We’re guessing Amazon will roll this out internationally later.

Now authors just need to figure out how to get Amazon Central to list all the newly publish material.

If you’re not already on Author Central, just follow the link above to sign-up.  Here’s a description of what it it and who is eligible – “Author Central includes a variety of tools that allow authors to connect with readers through the submission of photographs, images, written communications and other materials (all materials submitted by you through Author Central, the “Submitted Materials”) for use on or distribution through sites, services or applications that are owned or operated by Amazon or under any Amazon-owned brand (Author Central and these sites, services and applications collectively, the “Services”). You grant to us a license to use the Submitted Materials on the terms provided below, but you otherwise retain all of your rights in your Submitted Materials. Submission to Author Central does not change your ownership of your Submitted Materials.  Submissions of materials to Author Central are tied to authors and may be made only by the individual author and by representatives of the author who have the legal right to act on behalf of the author. If you are not the author or do not have the legal right to act on behalf of the author, you may not submit any materials for that author. You must also be at least 18 years old to use Author Central.”

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