How to Get Free Business Email With Your URL

how to get free business emailGoogle has all kinds of free tools to help your small business productivity.  Free email on the URL you own is another example.

You can get up 50 business email accounts each with 7 gb of storage on your URL (example; [email protected] is an example email account).  Google Apps Standard Edition is the full name of the Google tool.  You can use the free Google application for personal use as well.

How to Setup Free Google Email:

Step 1 – Go to Google Apps Standard Edition page.  Once there, click “Get Started”

Step 2 – Enter the URL name you own into the intial setup page.

Step 3 – Follow the step-by-step instructions Google provides to configure your DNS information.  Google also has a DNS setup  video instructions.  Note, it may take an hour or so for Google to verify that you own the URL once you setup the DNS.

Step 4 – Access your new email setup on your own URL just like your would regular gmail.  You can also access the email via POP or IMAP on your smart phone.

There you go.  Now you know How to Get Free Business Email With Your URL!

How to Get Free Business Email With Your URL

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