How to Get Your Wireless Router’s Web IP Address

How to Get Your Wireless Router’s Web IP Address

Most of the time, the manufacturer of your router will often include instructions on the manual on how you can get access to the web based configuration. But if you have misplaced the manual, which is not unavoidable, then don’t worry. The process of getting the IP address is just so easy. Refer below for the steps on how you can go about this. This is pretty much the same instructions as what you would see on the manual of the device.  If you’re looking for a website URL, go here –

Pull Up the File Explorer

First of all, open up a new window right on the Windows Explorer. To do this, simply hit the Windows key on your keyboard and the letter E. You can also pull this up by going to the Start Menu and then clicking on Run and typing “explorer”.

Click the Network Icon

Sometimes, Windows will identify the wireless router for you right within the Windows or File explorer itself. From there, you must right click on your router and then choose the “view device web page” to pull up the web based configuration screen. Enter the appropriate login and password combination so you can get logged in.

Pull Up the Command Prompt

Next, pull up the command prompt. If this will not work, go to the Start Menu of your computer and click on run, then type “cmd”. You can also do a quick search for the command right within “search programs and files”. If your browser is lower than Windows 7 version, make use of whatever method is more applicable for you. You can also look for the Command Prompt shortcut which is just within the Accessories folder.

Summon your Gateway

As soon as you are already on the command prompt, type “ipconfig” and press enter afterwards.

Read the Numbers

You will then see several texts that are related to your network adapters and with what you have. Scroll to the top until such time that you will see the first ever listing of the Ethernet Adapter Ethernet or the Ethernet adapter LAN, and whatever the very top listing is called on your system. Right on the line that says IP v4 Address, this should have few numbers, which often starts with the 192.168. This is usually the case if the home network is set up just like with most router’s defaults.

Make Use of the Gateway

Within this chunk, search for the IP address which appears right on the Default Gateway line. This should begin with the same sets of numbers similar to the IPv4 address. For the default setup, this usually appears as 192.168.0, 192.168.1, etc.

Open the Web Browser

After you use the gateway, open your web browser and then type the IP address of the gateway that you have found. Type it right directly to the address bar of your computer. Avoid typing http:// or anything before the numbers, just simply type in the numbers. If your address is, then type this on the address bar and then hit the enter button on your keyboard.

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