How to Pick the Best Name for Your Blog URL

How to Pick the Best Name for Your Blog URL

Knowing how to pick the best name for your blog URL is one of the most important things that you can do for your blog. Because search engines are also taking website URLs into consideration when they are indexing content, you need to make your website URL be relevant to what your website is about. It would also be of great help if you include a keyword on your domain name so that it will further help with your website rankings.

Because .com website URLs are the most common and most prominent website URLs online, make sure that you can get a .com domain name as much as possible. But because .com website names are getting harder and harder to find, you will have to learn some tricks so that you can still register a .com domain name.

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Picking the Right Domain Name for Your Blog

Here are some tips that you can do to pick and register the perfect domain name for your blog site.

  • Find a Great Source of Aged Domains

Domain names that already have accumulated visits, ranking and reputation are the best website URLs that you can ever find. Because it won’t be much hard for you to build the reputation and rankings of your new domain name, you can rank your website in a shorter period of time.

Use to look for available website URLs that had just expired so that you can get domain names that are already optimized. Also, if you are going to take your time searching the site, you will likely grab great deals that can make you buy great names at affordable prices. Just learn how to shop around the site so that you can buy cheap expired blog URLs for as low as $8.

  • Avoid Dashes

When registering for a domain name, avoid using dashes. Yes, it will be tempting to include dashes on your domain name when the simpler .com website URL is not available. But it can affect the ranking of your website in a negative way.

Because it will be harder for search engines to index or recognize your domain name when you include dashes on your blog URL, your website will likely not be included on the top ranked website on search results. Thus, your efforts will be defeated or affected by these mere dashes on your blog URL.

  • Use Plural Forms and Long Tail

If you simply cannot register a new domain name or buy an aged URL that you want, you can turn some of the words of your blog URL into plural form. You can simply turn to This is a much preferred method than trying to use dashes or using other extensions such as .net, .org and .info.

You should also try including long tail search terms on your domain name to make it easier for you to register a .com domain name for your blog. You can turn into so that you can still include the keyword on your .com domain name.


How to Pick the Best Name for Your Blog URL Web Address

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