How To See What URLs People Are Visiting in Real Time

There’s a new little start-up out there called Voyurl. It’s still in beta, so the service isn’t ready to rock and roll yet. You can sign-up with your email address, and they’ll send you a note when they launch. Once the launch happens and you’re signed-in, apparently you install a browser extension in Firefox, Chrome or Safari, it Voyurl tracks your every move and automatically posts your history on the web. You’re free to look at the browsing history of all users in a Twitter-like timeline, and you can follow specific users as well ala Twitter.

Basically Voyurl will allow you to see what URLs people are visiting in real-time. The folks whose browser history is public on the site have agreed to this fact, of course. Voyurl’s tagline is, “it’s ok to look”.

Internet surfers that share their browsing history will be able to turn off the service when they want to, but you know folks will forget to click that “off” button. In addition, the company says you’ll be able to set filters on what you show and don’t. So are you dumb, errr, gutty enough to not set the remove the porn filter?

Honestly, I’m not sure if I get it. Is Voyurl just trying to make some sort of privacy point about how much information Google already has on you? If they move towards the social dynamics of purchases and recommendations, then it would make more sense to me. But I’m not sure that’s their intent. It seems like they’re trying to be a tangential play on Twitter’s success.

Perhaps someone from the company would leave a comment for us. Please tell us more Adam Leibsohn. Or any readers, would you use this service?

How To See What URLs People Are Visiting in Real Time

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