How to Sell Your Unused URL Website Addresses

How to Sell Your Unused URL Website Addresses

As a website owner, you might have accumulated domain names that you no longer use. You might be inclined to just let them expire by not renewing them on your domain name registrar. This may seem practical as you won’t have to continuously pay for something that you are not using. But before you discard your unused domain names, you might want to know how to sell your unused URL website addresses. This will enable you to earn money from your unused domain names.

Because domain names, particularly the ones that are related to business, are often snatched by numerous website owners, you might want to see if someone would want to buy your unused domain name from you. Learn how to calculate the value of your domain so that you can sell it at a good price.

Domain Auctions: Find, Buy & Sell Domain Names

Selling Your Unused Domain Name

Putting a value on a domain name is harder than it seems. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider when evaluating your domain name. Also, your domain name’s value may differ from buyer to buyer, which makes it harder to plan an exact value on your unused domain name. But if you really want to earn some money on your unused URLs, you should give it a try and determine their value so that you can sell them.

  • Extensions

The more familiar your domain name’s extension is, the higher its value would be. The most well-known extension is .com. if your domain name has this extension, its value might get higher.

  • Length

The length of your domain name can also affect its value. Shorter domain names are more valuable because they are easier to remember. But you have to remember that domain names that are made up of actual words – and not just a jumble of letters or acronyms – are worth more.

  • Keywords

Keywords that are often used by Internet users in searching the web also add value to a domain name. Keywords that are related to business or money are often the most valuable ones.

Places to Sell Your Unused Domain Names

Once you have estimated the value of the domain names that you want to sell, you can now start looking for places to sell your domains. Listed below are some of the common places where domain name buyers are frequenting.

  • Auction Sites

Auction sites are some of the most popular places to sell you domain names. GoDaddy, eBay and Sedo are some of the popular places that you can try out.

  • Forum Sites

You will also likely find a good buyer at forum sites. Just put your domain names on various listings and see who will bid a fair price for your domains.

  • Potential Buyers

If you think you know someone who might get interested on your domain names, it is ideal that you contact them personally through email.

When selling your unused domain names, bear in mind that your estimated value of domain name will not always reflect its real value. This will greatly depend on the price that your buyer is willing to pay.

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