How To Set URL Icon or Favicon for Website or WordPress Blog

You want a cool little picture to show up in the browser tab window for your website or WordPress blog, right?

Well, this “little picture” or “icon” is formally called a favicon.

How To Set URL Icon:

  1. Pick an image or icon that you’d like to use as your website’s favicon.  Remember the favicon is only 16px by 16 px, so pick something simple.
  2. Rename the image file (.jpg, .gif, or .png) favicon.ico.  This is important, it won’t work if the file isn’t called favicon.ico.
  3. Upload the favicon.ico file to your website’s root directory.  For example, is a website’s root directory.  So for this example, the favicon is located at  If you click on the link, you’ll see a tiny “r” in the left hand-corner – this is the favicon.  You should be able to see your favicon if you’ve uploaded it to the right place by going to

That’s it!  Note it may take a while for the favicon to show up in the browser due to cache, file propagation, etc.  So if you don’t immediately see the favicon, don’t panic.

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How To Set URL Icon

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